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Because engraving subjects, styles and coverage can very enormously it is very difficult to list exact prices. Please note that some gun metals are harder and more time is involved to engrave them. Below I have some examples listed of ingraved items with pricing to help give you an idea of different options available.


Price varies on many things: size of scroll, if there is any relief work (removal of background metal), and the amount of coverage.  I can match most engraving styles if given examples or photos.  The more elaborate the scroll, then the more time to complete, therefore increase cost amount.

Here are examples of different styles of scroll designs


Medium scroll with large dot punch background

Small English scroll


Bright cut scroll with stipple background

Medium scroll with stipple background



Final price quotes are only confirmed on receipt of 50% of purchase price and materials to be engraved.

(to establish actual coverage amount and hardness of metal or other variables)

The remaining 50% is due upon delivery.  MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT OF $50.00

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