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Semi-Finished Stocks

Semi-finished stocks are offered for the experimenter and the professional stockmaker alike.  Our semi-finished stocks are made from good sound stock woods to exacting designs and sizes to fit the high standards in our shop.  Every stock will fit "tight wood to metal" for the actions that they are designed for.  They are made so they can be worked into a regular or the Schutzen style. Stocks are about 98% finished for a full feeling stock.

We have patterns for these actions:

  • #98, FN
  • G33/40 Mauser
  • Remington #700 (right or left handed )
  • Winchester #70 standard sporter (right or left handed)
  • Winchester #70 right handed 375 full sporter
  • Springfield #1903
  • Enfield #1917
  • Sako L 461
  • Sako L 579
  • Sako L 16
  • Ruger #77 Short
  • Ruger #77 Long
  • 1999 Montana Short and Long


Machine Carving Services

We would be happy to machine carve your stock woods.  We prefer to use our patterns, however we can use yours but only on machine runs in sets of 4. (4, 8, 12 etc).

Single runs using our pattern

$  150.00

4 Stock pre-run (each)

$  125.00

Delivery prices (per stock) about.

$  24.00

Machine butt for skeleton, trap or regular butt plate (our patterns only)

$  35.00

Machine for skeleton grip cap (our patterns only)

$  25.00

Unless length of pull is specified, stock will be machined for 13 - 1/2 inch standard length.

Prices subject to change without notice - Subject to availability of material on hand


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