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An update on Roger.....

My father Roger had knee replacement surgery in the beginning of February and the recovery has been a very slow process.  He then had a second proceedure done on the knee to increase flexibility.  Unfortunatley the physical therapy was so aggressive that it gave him three hernia's.  As of the June he has had surgery to repair the hernia's. We are hoping this will be the end of his medical problems.  He is doing well but it will be at least another 6 weeks before he can start working again.

He wanted me to remind everyone that he is almost 70 years old.  I am not sure if this is the transition of him retireing but at this time he is no longer accepting any new work.  If you are familiar with our shop, you are aware how behind he is on his projects. For that reason, the gunshop will remain closed to visitors until further notice.  We are hoping that this will allow him to pace his workload more while giving him a chance to catch up on the work he already has.  As you may have noticed the grip cap and butt plate section of the website has been removed.  Currently we are unable to manufacture these products.  We will re-list them for sale on the website when and if we decide to offer them again.


We receive calls on a weekly basis asking for information on Biesen guns. Hopefully I can answer some of these questions:

Some calls are to see if a rifle that is for sale is a "Biesen" .  Those are pretty easy to verify:  If the top of the Barrel reads either Al or Roger Biesen (some times it lists both names) Gunmaker Spokane WA.  If there are no markings on the barrel, then on the inside of the stock (underneath the barrel) at the forend will have a stamp that reads Al Biesen, Spokane WN.  If the rifle does not have these markings then it is not a Biesen rifle.  

Other times people with Biesen rifles call to find out details of the history of the weapon.  Since I am the only one of the group that is computer literate we do not have any computerized records.  No data bases the have details based on serial numbers.  If you have ever visited the gunshop you would see the "Cigar box" filing system that has been used for 50 plus years.  Those boxes (records) are based on our current clients with specific work order details.  As you can understand for confidentiality reasons we cannot give out any details on our clients and have really no way to access any information on past orders.  

Additionally we are not in a position to estimate the value of or sell your weapons for you.  We recommend that you contact your closest Cabella's store.   They have a very knowledgeable staff that can give accurate estimates of the fair market value of your weapon plus they have huge customer base to sell to.

You could win a Biesen custom rifle:  The Jack O’Connor Hunting Heritage Center in Lewiston Idaho is currently selling raffle tickets for a commemorative O'Connor rifle.   This new rifle is a 375 H&H and will be raffled off in June of 2014.   For more information you can call the Jack O'Connor Hunting Heritage Center at (208) 743-5043

The only phone number I have listed on the website is my cell number.  If you need to contact the gunshop directly, please remember that we are located in Spokane, Washington in the Pacific time zone.  

Paula Biesen-Malicki


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